April 01, 2006


This is the first of many posts to be written by someone else. The post is done by my friend Chalmer. We see eye to eye on a lot of subjects and have a similar sense of humor so the quality of the posts should not change. Support my boy while I’m gone.


Here is my problem with them and yes I do own one if that is a concern of yours. Why do people act as if go out and do not bring one with you their must be something wrong with you. These things are not what rules your life and also as a friend states a part of your life. They are cellphones.

Cellphones is the topic and I know this topic is old and that there are enough topics about them but I am going to talk about them anyway.

Cellphones does have pluses. It can serve as a tracking device and it can help out in emergencies. Cellphones can be used in court to help out in your defense on a case against you. Cellphone conversations recorded and subpoenaed by federal courts in federal cases can get you off on a charge. it can be used as a location device to find individuals or to meet people at certain locations.

Cellphone negatives. Cellphones can be used as a tracking device. For those players, pimps, rollers, hoes, bitches, cheaters, fuck buddies, skanks, friends on the side, crazy ex-boyfriends and girlfriends, baby daddies and mommies, Tyrone, or Shanekas out there this is not good for you. They either call at the wrong time or your true mate starts to question who is calling you when the phone goes off around them. Or if your you are hanging with one of these individuals and your mate calls you either one of these individuals will blow up your spot or you do not answer the phone and that leads to more questions from your mate which leads to more lies and more drama etc.

For emergency - If I am in a bad car accident does any one think that am really going to reach for my cellphone to give them a call. Hell no. I am going to try to either sit still or try to get out by any means necessary rather than making a cellphone call. Look let me explain it to you. I call some one saying, " I got into a accident, I am dying, pleaseee help." What the fuck is the first thing they are going to do... You got it ask you a question, nigger I am dying. Instead of saying save your strength and not talk so you can actually live through this they want to asks you 101 questions and then you end up dying answering all their questions. This is not help!

If you are doing a crime I hope that your are not using a cellphone to discuss the details of that crime or soon to be crime. Otherwise, you are a dumb ass that deserves to get caught. Also, if you are around another individuals that has a cellphone they can hit this devilish little button that can record your conversations which can be used against you. So, please watch what you say around individuals, cause they can be setting you up. Camera phone is a subject i will not even get into because that can be a subject all on it own with crime. If you are doing crimes it is safe to say it is better to stay clear away from cellphones. Just a little advice.

Next, up I know many people will feel me on this one. But I know their will be haters or buttpimples to say the least that will say that they are excellent at driving and talking on the cellphones at the same time. But I am here to say your not. Cellphone drivers are almost as bad if not worst then Asian women drivers, old black men, bimbo drivers, epileptic drivers, and the too old to drive about to kill everyone on the street drivers. These people on cellphone cut you off drive down one way streets, speed while having these intense conversations, not caring about anyone but their conversations on the phone. They cross solid lines, run stop signs, red lights, drive extra slow, do not care about weather conditions, loose control of their vehicles trying to get their dropped cell phones, and the list can go on and on. Yet, people still think that they are great drivers using their cellphones. When you paying attention to other things your reaction time is slower, dumb ass. I know I speed and that is probably a understatement but I do not talk on the phone when I drive. If I do it is usually a 1-2 minute conversation.

Next is the status cellphone users as I will refer to them. These are the people that thinks that if they get a lot of calls on your cell phone that somehow makes them popular, the shit or whatever that means. No, that does not make you popular it makes you a mindless, rude, motherfucker. If your out hanging with your so called friends, and most of the time your on the phone, are you really hanging with your friends. Because if I was one of your so called friends I will tell you maybe you should be out with that or those people your talking to because obviously we are not fun to hang with. Which in fact they will probably would say, "your not as popular or fun or have a rack of bitches or dudes tring to be with you, so your hating on them." My answer is no. I keep my women in check, so they know not to blow up my phone or they actually have lives and have things to do.

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