April 11, 2006

Enter the Priest

Game review time. As many of you know I have had a lot of free time recently. Well let me tell you about a game I stumbled upon. It’s called The Movies. I love it. It is like the Sims and SimCity but with making movies. You run a Movie Studio. You have to hire actors, crew, directors, and writers. You create movies with these sim people to make money and classics. You start in the early history of TV and go into the 2000’s. I was engrossed in the game. I was making hits early in my studio’s history and then we went broke and couldn't buy a hit. Then in the late 80’s I hired a young up and coming actor that shared my father’s name, Henry Washington. He changed the game. I present the movie that launched his career and changed my studio around - from the bottom to the top. We were back at the Oscar's.

Enter the Priest is a fascinating example of the blaxploitation cinema that flourished in the early 1970s. A true street disciple, Priest Jackson cleans up the street one scum at a time while still pleasing the community.

QuickTime version [12.1 MB]

Windows Media version [4.7 MB]

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