April 14, 2006

Hip Hop Talk

I had the opportunity to discuss a little bit of hip-hop with two friends of mine on the forefront of hip-hop music. Mimi, my favorite Satellite radio personality, and D.Moon of the Soundprophets let me pick their brains on some easy hip-hop topics.

Will Wash: Lets talk hip hop. What type of music do you play?

D.Moon: All hip-hop from the backpacker brand, to the heavy hitters.

Mimi: That gangsta shit

WW: What name do you like to go by?

D: D.Moon

M: Mimi aka The Dopest Ethiopia

WW: What are the hot songs out right now?

M: I'm in love with a stripper by gangsta r&b T-Painful to look at & Mike Jones. Sike..........Mobb Deep singles off there forthcoming album Blood MONEY.....hottest rap joint of 2006 u heard it here first.

D: Ghostface “Fishscale”, Anything off that Jay-Dee Donuts album

WW: Which artist is making the most noise?

D: Noise, what noise….(yawn)

M: TI, more recently Young Jacq? New bad boy south dude

WW: Who are you dying to hear something from?

D: The Fugees, Gnarls Barkley (Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse)

M: Tupac......sike, double sike. Ummmm Mobb Deep, Fugees, NAS, Jay Z, Beanie Sigel

WW: Who are you tired of?

D: G-Unot

M: Hearing myself on-air. sike ummmmmm I agree with DMoon...... all these new one hit wonders claiming to be the next best thing. They all wack to me.......D4L?Ying Yang?

WW: Who are the top up and coming artists right now, in your eyes?

M: Hmmmmm Ne-Yo lol. Sike Nick Cannon SIKE AGAIN 4 REAL. Prally Juelz Santana.........I see longevity with this dude. Track 11 or 12 off his last joint....story telling joint bout JOSE. BANGER. I had to bring it back like 3times to follow the song & shit. I likes Juelz

D: Those young Soundprophets

WW: I know you like beefs just like me. Which ones are your favorites write now?

D: Beef is for dinner

M: All time greatest beef joint starts a lil something like this......."First off fuck yo bitch and the click u claim" Tupac-vs-Biggie HIT EM UP. Honorable mention to Jay Z-vs-Nas "Ether" rings a bell and lets not forget the Jada-vs-Sigel joint........those were real beef songs. Now we have beef songs coming from motha fuckin Christina Milian......spare me the bullshit

WW: Lets get serious. Tupac or Biggie? You must pick one.

D: Biggie


WW: Do you think the DC area leans more to Biggie or Pac?

D: Definitely Pac


WW: Do rappers acting in mainstream movies hurt their street cred?

D: Not at all

M: It ain't hurt 50 & Eminem......and its definetly not gonna hurt fine ass TI.....w/ or w/o roller skates on he sexy w/ his gangstaness

WW: What’s up with new ATL dances? You feeling them?

M: Lean wit it rock with it.....I practice this joint, and I believe I'm a pretty skilled dancer, but there is a certain pop I'm not gettin when I'm rockin with it. I can lean back with it but its the rock twist I can't get during side transition. My sister Betty got that joint down pack......got that on video. Anyhow to answer the question I'd feel them if there wasn't a new one coming out every week. I'm still tryin to get over B's check on it joint ......

D: That shit is new??? I’ve been snapping my fingers since I was toddler. Its fun though. (lean wit it….)

WW: On a scale of retardedness what would you rate Dem Franchise Boyz and D4L beef over the dance?

D: So called “thugs” beefing over who started a dance = a gay porn movie plot

M: One word: Fudgepackers
Confession: I like all there dance songs. lol there I said it..........

WW: How big is 36 Mafia winning an Oscar?

D: That just showed how much Hollywood loves watching/playing the “Minstrel Show”, all we are are pimps, ho’s, bad cops, and drug dealers

M: Major especially cuz that was my 1st EVER HIP HOP INTERVIEW. Mucho props to them. But I agree with DMoon the crackers know how to exploit ignorance to they advantage.

WW: And did they deserve it?

M: Sure they deserved. The movie and song showed the long & hard process of writing lyrics, to getting a beat and managin your bars & choros. Shit was especially bangin in the theatres. Not better than Get Rich or Die Trying blowin the speakers out off the break with I WHOOP YOUR HEAD BOYYYYYYYYY. I play that in the mornigns to wake me up. So kudos to Three 6 better them than Brokeback.

D: It was better than that pathetic song from ‘Crash’, but Dolly Parton sure got some big ol titties

WW: Jeezy or T.I.? pick only one.

D: Jeezy

M: Easy: TI hands down and thats not biased cuz I want to sexually molest him but becuase I been into that trap music for quite some time.

WW: Who the best and who the hottest rapper out the ATL right now?

D: T.I.


WW: Who the best and who the hottest rapper out the H-Town right now?

D: Scarface will always be the best outta Houston.

M: Scarface all day. FACE MOB. That never snitch song w/ B.Sigel off My Homies pt.2 is sicko

WW: How about them Dipset boys? Are they going to do damage on there own?

M: Camron is ruining the Dipset image by being pressed. But I must say I've loved Killa Cam since the horse & carriage days. I used to think Dip Set was wack, like they was trying to hard. But I really like them now after "Certified Gangstas" came out I started to take there comical lyrics seriously, as in I seriously started laughing. Killa Cam always been comical. He got this part on Juelz Shottas song that will make u piss your pants. Something bout "coco bread yes I'm a loco head" and he throws in "zoom zoom pum pum" somewhere also LOLOL. In regards to Dip Set I respect them and there movement. Used to think JIm Jones looked like a chester molestor but he is a certified business man. I like JR Rider waitin on his shit to drop. Hell Rell is cool, nice on the mic but harsh on the eyez. You seen the JJ Evans immitating the infamous Shawn Carter in the Camron video? How he gonna wear the $.50 shenclettas from Kmart?

D: They’ll be fine

WW: Can Dipset hang with G-unit? Hmmmmmmmm good question.

D: Sales = no…. Talent = they are close to being better already.

M: Cam can't handle 50's leadership and 50 can't handle Cam being a leader as well. Its like one or the other. Can't have two kings.......

WW: Who should I be listening to from the West Coast?

D: Murs

M: BAY AREA. Sike I like The GAME. Look out for DRE 2006

WW: Is this Bay Area movement real or a fad like STL one a couple years ago?

M: Prally a fad. Just got back from the BAY. I was in San Diego last weekend. Gorgeous ova there, friendly people, one black person, and extremely boring and conservative. Wait is San Diego Bay area?

D: What about the Chicago sound, niggas be frontin on us

WW: Is
ghost riding the whip cool or what?

D: This guy is still doing it hasn’t missed a beat

M: Ummm I don't understand the question......I do know FISHCALE out in stores soon........

WW: Lil’ Jon or Manny Fresh? Pick only one.

D: Manny

M: Fresh Fresh FFFFFFresh. Mannie Fresh & all his finger movements while rapping. I like how he shouted out Ethiopians.....

WW: Really how good is Kanye West? Is he hip-hop’s messiah?

M: He ain't no messiah but the kid has mad talent. I like him when he not up his own ass and just making feel good music. I must say his last video is the shit w/ Nia Motha Fuckin Long.

D: Highly slept on. When’s the last time you heard something as original as Kanye’s last 2 albums

WW: How do you feel about Jay-Z biting so many other rappers lines?

M: I dont' feel. He's the greatest rapper alive so he can do what he wants. Bite Deez

D: Everybody and their sister are rappers these days, how can you fault someone for using the same line. Shit 90% of all rap is recycled (beats, themes, and rhymes)

WW: Put me on to the next big thing. Song or Artist.

M: NE-YO lol seriously I love Ne-Yo's debut album........EARLY. Also look out for Ja Rule come back.......sike a boo boo................If JR Rider would come out he'd make a soundscan movement......

D: The Soundprophets

WW: On a personal note, do you remember the Ethiopian rap I did over Mimi’s phone back at College Park? Was I a bamma or what?

D: I do remember the Ethiopia rap. HAHAHAA!!! Hilarious… I still got love for Ethiopia, though.

M: I don't remember the voicemail message, however I'm sure there were plenty of ignorant joints coming from ya'll dorm room. Does persian carpet ring a bell? LOL. Anyways I do remember the Starvin Ethiopian poem on my and I'm embarrassed to admit this "blackplanet page". Can't believe I was a member of that gayfest. Anyhow it was hilarious, but again everything u do is funny!!!! Ya'll put me on to Starvin Marvin & South Park if that helps.......

WW: Thanks for talking with me. We have to do this again.

M: That was fun Will, thanx!
RIP: Proof from D12.....

D: No doubt, my nigga

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