April 01, 2006


I am no long going to be able to continue working my site for a while. For the many of you that did not know, I am/was on parole. And unfortunately, the bad news is that I have to finish serving my sentence after violating parole. Even though the blog is quietly taking off, my not being able to work on my blog is the least of my worries. I’m too lightweight and pretty to be locked up. Luckily, I never had to serve time before, but now because of my parole violation, I am force to serve. To be honest, I’m scared as shit. But I’m going to have to be strong. The situation really could have been avoided and it pisses me off. Fucking with my badass cousin. I told that nigga, I was on parole, and I can’t be around nobody bad. You know a person is bad when they like to break the law and are not scared of the police. We inside 7-eleven at 6 o’clock in the afternoon and his hot ass want to be in there stealing shit. This dumb motherfucker did not see the police buying some fucking donuts at the register. This nigga was spotted like a kool aid stain on a white shirt. Police officer called him over. I broke in a southern slave sweat of nervousness. Why did this nigga get grab his dick, yell, “Fuck you” and started to beat his feet. Who the fuck does that? This motherfucking delinquent left me standing there blown like shit. I looked like the goddamn president when he’s asked and unscripted “how” question. Anyway, they wrapped me up. I am passing over the responsibility of this blog to friend. Hopefully, you guys will keep showing the love until I get out. By the way, the “Free Will Wash” T-shirts have already been ordered. You know how I do. I’ll only be gone for a couple months but still. Jail is jail. I going to have to go hard and learn how make a shanks to protect my booty hole. I’m going to miss all yall, don’t forget about me. I’m going to punish that bamma ass cousin of mine next I see him. Know for sure, I ain’t snitch on him. We are definitely going to be partying when I get out. And I expect everyone to write me while I’m in there. Ladies, sexy nudie pictures will be greatly appreciated. I love you guys. Your boy, Will Wash P.S. the correctional facility address will be posted.

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