September 13, 2009

Ambassadors of Dance

Time to catch up from the last couple of days.  We drove a couple hours north to Hannover through the country side to get our EURail passes for the train.  Hannover is the 3rd or 5th largest German city with a pop of about 500,000.  Facts my uncle says while driving.  Had some fish and chips at the train station, believe it or not this was the first English speaking (me) to German speaking only interaction I have had so far without help of a translator.  Went over well, but my dad got the epic failure when he tried to buy a soda.  He couldn’t understand how much she said it cost and the a lady of the line came and tried to help him pick out the right amount.  Image a little kid going to the store with his allowance money and counting the pennies in the palm of his hand.  Now make that kid 50 years old and 6’2”  lol I kid, my dad.  By the way what he gave her was not enough, wrong amount. lol Let’s try it again.

I won’t lie, figuring out the change is only tough part of dealing with the Euros.  They have their dollars as coins too.  And mix that with not know how to count in a foreign language.  I been looking at the register and/or remembering the cost from the menu instead of listening to their total. 

More Pictures:

We also stopped in a small town on sightseeing course back to Kassel.  Me and my Aunt Ann are still not used go people staring at us.  It wouldn’t be so bad if they would respond when I smile or say something.  The people are so rude.  I be mugging back now.

Saturday, the change of diet caught up with me.  Not quite the BGs but a consent need to take a dump every 15 mins.  After 4-5 time I pulled out the pink stuff and problem solved along with a long nap.  I blame all the bread and cheese in the German diet.

After sleeping all day, I got the chance to taste the night life with my aunt and uncle.  It was a 30 and over disco.  There was some dancing that would put Allison’s and Jenny’s awkward dancing to shame.  There was about four or five people that were dancing hard the whole night, never left the dance floor.  And it was hot and funky.  Euro Funk aka musty underarms.  But it was a really good time, we all had a lot of fun.

Some video from the club:

This morning we rode out to a small town of about 2,000 people, there are a lot towns like that here, to what Yoshi’s track meet.  But almost there Joshua calls us any says he is not participating because his groining hurts.  We still ride out to see what’s what.  The place and track was tiny, it wasn’t a major event so I see why he wasn’t pressed to perform.  But he look sad to not be able to show off for his family. Now it's been raining all day. The weather has changed, it’s cold and thunder storming.  Now I’m feeling sick (snotty nose).  France tomorrow, maybe we can run from it.

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