September 02, 2009

The Netbook Hook Up

Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows I picked up a Netbook this week. It's the tiny 3lbs laptop for under $400. I plan on using it on my trip to Germany next week. And as a computer guy I needed to pimp the weak mini laptop to my liking. Let's be honest, for $300-$400 you are not getting a top of the line notebook, but they have their purpose and make excellent supliments when used correctly. Basically surfing the web on the go and blogging.
What attracted me to this piece of hardware? It had what I needed out of the other netbooks I looked at. Samsung N120. Bluetooth for linking with my cell phone. I can surf the web on my laptop using the internet on my phone in my pocket. SD memory card reader, for my digital camera while on vacation. I don't need to lug around a usb cable. 6 cell battery. That means up to 7 hrs of cableless power. And my flight is 8 hrs.
So to get my notebook to run at it's potential, you have to tweak it. It's like a 5 year old PC powerwise but extremely portable, the size of a slim paperback book. So I made a video of some of the things I have done to improve the performance of my netbook and optimize my productive while using it. Focus is on speed, battery life, and keeping memory usage low. Some stuff is basic like diming the light of the display and removing the battery when plugged in the wall to preserve the life of the battery. On key thing is not falling in to the trap of installing a lot software, so you will see a heavy focus on Google services because it hosted online and not my PC.

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