September 03, 2009

No Sleep Till - Frankfurt

IMAG0041It’s 11:30 AM just got in the office and I’m trying to be somewhat productive in my life and use up my milk before leaving so I don’t completely waste it. Raisin Bran.  After a week of light insomnia and hard work, I am official burnt out and if I go to sleep without turning on an alarm I will probably sleep for 2 days.  This has been the week from hell with a few highlights.

Last week, the 27th, my boss came to me with at project that needed to be completed by September 10th for a trade show in Australia.  I reminded him that I going on vacation September 5th.  Well, everyone else was on vacation or already on projects.  For those checking numbers that’s about a week to finish a two week project.

So I have been putting in long hours.  I haven’t had much time for anything else like packing, cleaning, researching Europe, or Fantasy Football.  Plus my xbox misses me.

But I work best under pressure.

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