September 07, 2009

I Made It Safely Across The Atlantic

After staying up all night and last minute shopping, we had a smooth flight over the Atlantic Ocean.  As those of you that have been following me on twitter I have seen some shit in the mean time.  I’m try to keep yall updated with Twitter but I only have 20 MB of international data transfers on my phone account.

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But when I have free time, like now, I will post and upload.

The US dollar sucks balls.  I blame the Republicans and Bush.  Tell me no lies.


Jet lag or what it’s called is a mother… I stayed up all night hoping to sleep during my 8 hour flight, but I couldn’t.  I’m a light plane sleeper and had the drunk crazy German lady in the seat in front of me and a kicking kid beside me.  And the few times when I could dose off someone would walk down the aisle and bump me.  We landed a 5:00am German time and rode down the autobahn to my Uncle’s house.  My expectations for the autobahn was pretty high.  I was blown the road wasn’t a large 4 lane high way with fresh, smooth asphalt.  It felt like I-95 with all the potholes and was narrower.  One thing I am digging is the speed but not as fast as the thought, prob because of the potholes and every car is either a VW, BMW, Mercedes, or Audi.  And different versions of them.  Here are pictures of us driving on it.

As I type this the time is only 11:00 am here and 5 am there.  My goal is to stay awake until 7-8pm to get my sleep schedule on European time.  It’s going to be hard.  So I’m blogging to past time.  Everyone else is sleep.  Check out the view for the home office I’m working from.


Also I went to the store to get breakfast bread.  Bread overload, every meal so far had a lot of bread and cheese.  And then I see why…

The guy at the store was the first friendly German person I have met, that’s not family.  Everyone else has been rude and un-courteous.  Having a slightly southern upbringing it’s not cool to me.  The lady in front of me in the plane keep throwing her trash under her seat where my feet were even after looking and seeing my feet and the stewardess saying that feet are suppose to be under the seats.  The stewardess were rude too on several occasions.  The guys at customs was throwing passports back at people.  Can only keep being nice to people but for so long, then when in Rome do as the Romans.

ok, I’m done for now maybe I’ll take a nap, it’s only 11:30.

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