September 29, 2009

Blog Makeover Time

This morning I stumbled on a blog entry on the Psychology of Color in Webpages.  It talked about the effects of color and correlation between color and the audience.  The most interesting part was the meaning of the colors.

After reading all that I decided it was time for a blog makeover.  This would be the third or four major visual change to my blog since i have had it.  First, I went from a mostly black and hard to read site to a universal and easy to read style.  Now I wanted one with color that reflected the content of the blog.  So I wanted purple! lol. I know but I thought I could pull it off. The meaning of purple:

Purple is halfway between the exciting hue of red and the calming shade of blue. It creates a sense of mystery and rich appeal. Purple is also said to stimulate the imagination and creativity, and so it is often associated with innovation.

In Western lands purple may be associated with nobility, or spirituality, whereas in some Eastern lands purple is the color of mourning.

I hoped that was my blog but now I don’t think so.  I wasn’t able to come up with a good purple and manly theme.  So I then went with blue.

Blue can convey a sense of importance or universal appeal. Blue is the color of the sky, and therefore it is something that everyone can connect with in some way. In addition, blue is often associated with spirituality. Again this is because the sky is blue.

In Western culture blue may be associated with depression or sadness, but at the same time it is tied in with professional corporations and the "something blue" bride tradition.

I can work with that.  Also I need to not just change the color but evolve the site some so I finally made a Title for it.  The name of the blog was giving to me from Dan while was at Best Buy.  During meetings with management I use to ask them why we were doing something, the purpose for the most part.  Or questions of “what if?”  These were hard for them to answer because they did not always know why they were doing something only that they were told to do it and did it blindly.  So I gained a reputation as a problem maker because of the questions I asked.  Thus the title, They Hate Me Because I Ask The Hard Questions.  The boy in school raising his hand - is in reference to my time at Bowie State where I used to ask questions I knew the answer to only to argue and prove the teacher incorrect. Only happened in Computer Science, I’m not a smart person at all, just knew my programming languages.

Blog before:

Blog Before

Blog after:

Blog after


  1. Nice makeover Will and what's even cooler is your explanation of the blog title (even though I kind of already knew why you named it that, haha).

  2. Where I'm from, people wear purple, not black, to funerals. I like the new look.

  3. Good work! I'm glad that you appreciated my article on color psychology enough that it motivated you to change your blog. It looks much more unique now compared with how it looked before. Thanks for linking to me!

    By the way, I found your blog while looking through the list of sites that have linked to Experiment Garden.