September 18, 2009

We Was Going To The Free Zone, Hamsterdam

I am trying to forget this story, but let me try to recap for the record keeping. Those that follow me on Twitter prob heard me bitching. After Brussels, everything was lovely. We was on a natural high. We jumped on the train to Amsterdam first class and was scooting along in a private room on the train. But we get to this one stop in Belgium and they make an announcement that there will be a delay. We think nothing of it. Sitting around laughing and joking. We caught two people at the train station picking boogers in the same spot. First guy sits on the bench and picks his boogers, then another guy takes his spot on that bench and picks his but then he wipes his boogers on the seat and gets up. A lady and her child then takes his spot on the booger bench.

A few minutes becomes an hour. They announce people can go and come from the train. The power is out of line in the section of track between Belgium and Netherlands. Confusion was here by now. There was no universal language to share information. The Station displays were in Dutch and people were speaking Dutch, French, English (somewhat AND as an afterthought), and German later.  The lack of information was the theme of the night.  So then they said for us to take another train and transfer at some station.  Everyone goes to the other train confused in all types of ways.  At the first stop on the new train they tell everyone to get off and catch a bus.  People breakout running and confused, don’t know where to go to.  It just officially became the amazing race.  Running, asking questions, running again – just going in circles.  So we wait outside under a bridge for a long time waiting for buses.  This was a whole train of people going to the Netherlands, so we are talking hundreds of people.  People start grouping up together and taking taxis.  We was making friends through pain with people that spoke English, I mean we had to stick together for info because all the officials was only speaking Dutch, it hurt them to talk English, a universal language most of the riders understood.  After a long time under the bridge they told us to go catch another train they set aside for us.  We take that train only to be told to get out.  Half the people went to a transfer point only to find out the last train to Amsterdam left already.  So then there was another mad dash to the buses that was suppose to take us across the country line.  By this time we left Belgium and was in Germany.  We was one of the lucky few to get a spot on a bus.  By this time I stop helping the lady with the baby in a stroller, I was out for self.  She wasn’t smart about it and evolution say the strongest survive, that includes mentally too.  If she was smart she would take the baby out the stroller when going down steps.  My new friends was people that speak Dutch and English.

The bus drove us in to the Netherlands.  Stopped at a station where the trains were still running to Amsterdam.  The process lasted for 8 hours, the normal train ride was only about 2 hours.  We got to the hotel after midnight.  Every 100 meters (doing the Euro talk) you smelled weed in the air, every 50 meters you saw a young zombie walk by.The people at the Hotel was cool, the Hotel was cool. Amsterdam is cool.  I loved the friendliness and diversity of the people there.  I plan to go back.  I lost 6 hours of Amsterdam wondering due to a fuck up in the train system.

We had really stylish rooms that was a great change from the old grim of Paris the night before.  After finding both food and free porn on TV, we called it a night.  For the record, Amsterdam makes you horny.  It’s strange but true.  It truly is Sodom and Gomorrah.

The next morning, we had breakfast (Dutch and English Style), shopped, and went on a tour.

this little kid keeps staring at me. i want to punch him in the face

I wanted to punch this kid in the face.  He kept giving me the evil eye.  You can see where he learned it from.

Also hit up the Diamond Factory and wasted a lot of time there buying stuff.  Tax Free.


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