September 04, 2009

Barber Shop Advice: Go to the Red Light District

So my Barber asked me what’s going on and I said I was going to Germany this weekend, and he goes, “Ahh, Red Light District.”  LOL the rest of the barber shop chimes in talking about how good the hookers in Europe look, how they will love me because I don’t look like them, and how much easier it was than dating. LMAO.  They went in depth about the last one. 

It would cost more to knock it down by dating here.  They was dreaming of a better world where girls would tell them how many dates before they would let you hit, then figure out the cost (for things like dinner and such) then pay up front so nobody don’t wastes time.  Have to love barber shop talk.  Everyone agreed Nevada’s Bunny Ranch was not what was up.  It cost too much for girls that not even tight.  No one was willing to spend several g’s.

Then they proceed to ask everyone where have they been and how are the girls.  When one said Brazil, convo reach a high and a low.  Love for the sexual freedom of the people.  One guy had a tale of three women bent over at once, two sisters and a cousin, all getting it in at the same time.  Another guy confirmed, yup they get it like that.

“You can bang out 5 a night.”
”Will it cost you?”
”Nah, they having fun too.  They sexually free.”

But then he got real, “You’ll wake up with your dick on the pillow beside you.  And they got the highest AIDS rate.”  Finally, he warned Becky might be a Billy.  The guys look just like girls. After few jokes that deaded the whole convo.  Barber Shop Advice: Go to the Red Light District and have a brownie in Amsterdam.

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