September 03, 2009

You Playing Yourself, Ray. No You Playing Yourself, Roe!

No matter where you go, they will always see you as a n****!

A line from Sugar Hill.  A good one at that.  Right now as I am watching Sugar Hill on cable I am reminded 1. how many levels this movie works on, 2. Black early and mid 90’s movies are way better than the Tyler Perry and 50/Cam’ron/Rapper crap we got now, and 3. I need to add more purple to my wardrobe. 

The title and first line of this entry is still true to this day.  Not even a 5 days ago I was thinking along those lines.  I was in Annapolis eating with a bunch of friends and this table behind us was making a lot of noise, but it really wasn’t the whole table it was the one token black guy in the group.  He was the most animated out of the group. His friends seem to just tolerate him because they were no where near as hyped up as he was. There really wasn’t any wrong with the scene until you started to listen to what he was saying.  He was greatly opinionated with stereotypes and spoke like he was speaking for all black people using terms like us, we, and them.  He was “playing himself.”  Made several of us at our table want to go over there shake some sense into that fool because everyone in the dinner area room was noticing him.  Sugar Hill.  You playing yourself, Ray!

The story behind Sugar Hill is great.  A man tries to raise above his past and environment.  At first he tries through illegal means and then tries to go straight. Can’t Sell Dope Forever.

Sugar Hill

Released: 1993

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Sugar Hill

Wesley Snipes, DeVaughn Nixon, O.L. Duke, Abe Vigoda, Michael Wright, Steve Harris,

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